Toni Atkins Names Vicki Granowitz 2018 Woman of the Year in Senate District 39

March 12, 2018

SACRAMENTO—Sen. Toni Atkins on Monday honored San Diego resident Vicki Granowitz as Woman of the Year in Senate District 39 for 2018. Granowitz was one of 40 women from across California recognized on the Senator floor for their remarkable contributions to their communities.

The following statement by Atkins was read by a Senate staff member on the Senate floor

“Vicki Granowitz has spent two decades bringing communities together. Physical communities. Economically diverse communities. Geographic communities. In her myriad civic leadership roles, she has been a champion for people of all backgrounds, encouraging them to listen, engage and work together to make San Diego – and her North Park neighborhood – a better place for everyone.

“She is a member of the San Diego Planning Commission, where she helps advise and oversee planning and development in all neighborhoods of one of the nation’s largest cities. In her former role as chair of the North Park Community Planning Committee she led an eight-year successful effort to update the neighborhood’s community plan. As a member of the Park and Recreation Board and Balboa Park Committee chair, she worked to ensure all San Diego citizens received the finest park services possible.

“Vicki led the formation of the Balboa Park Conservancy. She was a member of the Clean Syringe Exchange Program Facilitation Committee. And she helped with formulating a new redevelopment plan for a key area of Mission Bay Park.

“In all her endeavors, she has worked to bring people together - organize, listen and reach consensus.  She leads the way with her own desire to balance competing needs and interests – allowing development that blends with neighborhood needs and desires while achieving necessary financial benefits from private investment. 

“She is as passionate about protecting sensitive canyons and waters as she is about assuring affordable housing for City residents. 

“Vicki’s leadership is highlighted by a sense of grace and certainty that comes from her years as a social worker and counselor – helping families and child victims of sexual abuse. She is motivated by her own personal diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and the sense of well-being she receives from the rewards of improving her community. For all her work, she has been recognized as the 2017 America Planning Association Advocate of the Year for both the State of California and City of San Diego. 

“With her warm, generous spirit and fierce dedication to community service, Vicki Granowitz is a shining jewel in Senate District 39.”