An Important Message about COVID-19 Rent Relief

September 30, 2021

Dear Neighbor:

I wanted to make sure you were aware of an important update on the State’s rent relief program.

There is mistaken information that the program ends on September 30. That is not the case.

In fact, the program is active and continues to accept applications. San Diego renters and landlords are encouraged to apply for relief. There is no deadline to apply.

So what is changing as of October 1?

  • State level eviction protections: As of Friday, October 1, a modified eviction protection goes into effect through March 31, 2022 for those who are eligible for rental assistance.
  • If a tenant receives an eviction notice from their landlord starting October 1, to access state protections they must immediately (within 15 days) apply for rent relief if they have not already done so. 
  • A landlord must provide evidence to the court that they have applied for rental assistance; if the tenant does not complete an application for assistance or does not qualify for rental assistance, the landlord may proceed with the eviction.

The most important message I can leave you with is that the protection only applies if you apply.  And if you need assistance with an attorney and you cannot afford one, you may contact San Diego legal aid.

Applicants will not be asked to provide immigration status, nor will they be asked to provide proof of citizenship.

There are several resources for you to use:

While our state may be emerging from the pandemic, in many ways, the lingering financial impact still weighs heavily on California families. I am grateful we are able to maximize the federal funds available to help as many San Diegans – both tenants and landlords— as possible.


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Toni Atkins
Senator, 39th District