Statement by Senate Leader Atkins, Budget Chair Skinner on Governor’s 2022-23 State Budget Proposal

January 10, 2022

SACRAMENTO – Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego) and Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), Chair of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, released the following statements regarding Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed 2022-23 state budget:

Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins:

“The Senate’s budget priority is to put California’s wealth to work for those who need it most—middle class families and those struggling to get by. The Governor’s initial budget proposal is in line with that goal, and we are already working to ensure the final 2022-23 budget will meet the needs of the present, build for the future, and reflect the lessons of the past. The responsible budgets Democratic Legislators and Governors have enacted over the last decade, using vital tools provided to us by the voters, have put us in position to make important investments in schools and infrastructure, grow the targeted tax credits that have proved so successful for families and small businesses, restore the California dreams of affordable housing and affordable college, and, most important, create a healthier, more sustainable and equitable California.”

Chair of the Senate Budget & Fiscal Review Committee Nancy Skinner:

“Gov. Newsom’s budget proposal complements priorities outlined by the Senate in our December values statement: ‘Putting Our Wealth to Work for a More Equitable California.’ I look forward to reviewing the governor’s plan and working with Pro Tem Atkins, legislative colleagues, and the administration to create a 2022-23 budget that further moves toward an equitable economy for all. As the pandemic continues to ravage families, schools and small businesses, we will pay particular attention to supporting those still struggling as well as increased investments in affordable and homeless housing, our essential workforce, health and mental health services, education infrastructure and actions that strength California’s leadership on climate protection.”

The Senate began laying the ground work for the 2022-23 budget last summer, and in December 2021, released a set of key values that focus on putting California’s wealth to work for a more equitable economy. Those priorities include maintaining the state’s historic reserves to protect the progress we are making from future downturns; aligning new commitments with Gann Limit requirements such as maximizing infrastructure investments — including for schools and higher education — and strengthening targeted tax relief programs; and building a more equitable economy through investments that will help get California back to work, strengthen the middle class, assist struggling families and aging Californians, address housing challenges and homelessness, and improve and broaden access to quality education. More information on the Senate’s key budget values can be found here.


Toni G. Atkins is President pro Tempore of the California Senate. Having previously served as Speaker of the California Assembly, she began her tenure in the Senate in 2016. As Senator for District 39, she represents the cities of San Diego, Coronado, Del Mar and Solana Beach. Website of President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins:

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