Senator Atkins Issues Statement on Vote to Extend Cap and Trade Program

July 17, 2017

Senator Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) today issued the following statement regarding the vote in the Senate to extend the Cap and Trade program:

“Today’s vote on AB 398 to extend Cap and Trade marks an important milestone in the fight against climate change. A month ago, the President pulled our country out of the historic Paris Agreement. Today, we Californians – creators of the world’s sixth largest economy – have taken unequivocal control of our state’s future.

“Without this extension, California would have been in serious danger of failing to meet our ambitious, world-leading climate goals. It would have sent a message to others – such as Oregon and cities in Canada, which are following our example – that California’s commitment to leadership on climate change is crumbling.

“A companion measure, AB 617, will result in cleaner air for our local communities. This is especially important for families who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods on the front lines of the battle against air pollution, such as those in Barrio Logan, who have been disproportionately affected by childhood and adult asthma.  

“As Speaker of the Assembly, I led the effort to funnel a percentage of Cap and Trade funds toward transit-oriented affordable housing projects – and the Sustainable Communities set-aside has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars to help stabilize struggling families during the past few years. By extending Cap and Trade, we’re giving the Sustainable Communities program a chance to grow and thrive.”