2019 Legislation

Bills Signed Into Law

SB 165 - Medical interpretation services:  Requires the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to establish a pilot project to evaluate the provision of medical interpretation services for limited English proficient (LEP) Medi-Cal enrollees in Medi-Cal managed care and in fee-for-service Medi-Cal.  The pilot project is to be designed to evaluate such outcomes as better patient and provider satisfaction, disparities reductions, and utilization and quality improvement. Signed by the Governor on September 27.

SB 399 - Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training:  California is at a critical point in its history regarding law enforcement and its relationship with communities across the state. It is incumbent upon the State Legislature and all state leaders to thoroughly review and responsibly strengthen standards and training for law enforcement in the state. SB 399 furthers these goals by ensuring the important work of the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training is informed by a diverse membership, including voices selected by the Legislature to represent their communities.  Signed by the Governor on October 8.

SB 451 - Personal income and corporation taxes: credits: rehabilitation of certified historic structures:  SB 451 creates an economic development tool by establishing a state-level tax credit for the preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings. This tax credit is modeled on the successful federal tax credit program in which over 43,000 projects, including 150,000 units of affordable housing, have been undertaken using the program’s incentives. In addition to promoting and increasing the supply of affordable housing, a statewide historic tax credit will also stimulate local economies, and revitalize downtown areas and communities.  Signed by the Governor on October 9.

SB 507 - San Diego Unified Port District:  SB 507 streamlined the management of tide and submerged lands within the San Diego Bay by transferring ownership from the State Lands Commission to the Port of San Diego. SB 507 allows the Port to conduct its normal business and make necessary improvements on the land, consistent with the public trust, much more efficiently, while also ensuring no harm to the state general fund. SB 507 also transfers three parcels of land, which collectively comprise a wildlife and recreation area known as the Famosa Slough, from the State Lands Commission to the City of San Diego, to be held and managed as open space for the public benefit. This will ensure that the land is not developed for any other purpose and remains a valued public resource for the San Diego community.  Signed by the Governor on September 27.


Bills That Did Not Move Forward

SB 1 - California Environmental, Public Health, and Workers Defense Act of 2019:  SB 1 established in state law federal baseline standards for clean air, climate, clean water, and endangered species protection to ensure that, even if they are weakened or rolled back under federal law, they remain in place as a matter of state law. Vetoed

SB 60 - Jury duty: fees:  SB 60 clarifies that legislative employees are ineligible to receive the daily stipend (“jury fee”) paid to jurors for serving on jury duty.  Recently, a California State Senate employee was issued a jury fee for their jury service—even though that employee is publicly employed and continued to receive compensation while performing jury duty.  Although it appears that existing law was intended to capture legislative employees, this incident has raised the concern that legislative employees are not excluded even though other public employees are excluded.  On the Assembly Floor.

SB 66 - Medi-Cal: federally qualified health center and rural health clinic services:  Requires the Department of Health Care Services to allow community and rural health centers to bill Medi-Cal for a more than one visit in a day so that a person may receive services from a physical health provider and a mental health professional on the same day.  On the Assembly Floor.

SB 479 - Tenancy: automatic renewal or extension of lease:  SB 479 requires lease renewal terms to be in twelve-point boldface type, rather than in eight-point boldface type.  By increasing the size of the font, this bill seeks to ensure that provisions are stated more legibly and clearly so that all parties are aware of and mutually agreeable to the provision.  On the Assembly Floor.