​​​​​​California Employment Development Department

Our team has been working with members of the community to resolve unemployment issues with the California Employment Development Department. Before you call or email us, we recommend you visit the following links:


Voting Information

Election Day is fast-approaching. Every registered voter in San Diego County will receive their ballot in the mail this year. Mail ballots should start going out on Oct. 5. Here are some voting resources:

For information from the California Secretary of State’s office click here



We have a list of important State and San Diego County resources to help you and your family related to COVID-19. Find the resources here.


California Immigrant Guide

California is home to many newcomers from all over the world. In an effort to integrate immigrants, California has developed innovative services that help immigrants become part of the social, economic and civic fabric of our state. This guide features services that help immigrants thrive and succeed in their paths towards integration. Immigrants seeking help with English language learning, workforce skill development, naturalization preparation or legal assistance, can find information on available services throughout the state. The guide will serve as a bridge that can help immigrants fully participate in life in California.


Wildfire Disaster Assistance Guide

Learn about resources that can help you, family and friends that might have been affected by the California wildfires. The guides bellow provide detailed information about the types of federal, state and local disaster assistance services available in California. There are no costs to apply for these programs. For more information visit

Disaster Assistance Guide for Californians

Disaster Assistance Guide for Immigrant Californians

Disaster Assistance Guide for Immigrant Californians - Spanish